by Gaylan Lemmon


(c) 2001
all rights reserved

A Collection of Signed Limited Edition Photographs of
Annapolis, The U.S. Naval Academy and the Bay Area

Gaylan Lemmon

A Winter Day on Main Street

When my son was a midshipman at the Naval Academy, I searched for reasonably priced photographs that would encompass the unsurpassed beauty of the Naval Academy, Annapolis, and the Bay Area to enjoy in our home in Dallas, Texas. Upon finding that none were readily available, I began taking my own photographs during my frequent trips to Annapolis. When we moved to Annapolis, I continued to take photographs of the area and display them in our home here. Immediately our friends, Academy midshipmen, retired military personnel, and graduates of the Academy expressed an interest in purchasing the photographs, for gifts, as well as, to add to their own personal collection and memories of the area. Thus LemmonArt, a company specializing in creating lasting, beautiful impressions in signed, limited edition photographs, was born. Now you can purchase these exclusive, limited editions to enjoy for many years to come. Whether purchasing them for your home, a midshipman, graduates or military in ports around the world, or for friends to enjoy in their home, they will make an exquisite and treasured addition to any collection.